Launching your own practice can seem like an overwhelming task; there are several critical criterion involved in the process and no room for error. MBU’s Practice Management combines the highest level of professionalism with our unmatched expertise allowing us to be at the forefront of the ever changing healthcare industry. Flawless and sustained execution of carefully planned operations is crucial to a thriving medical practice. MBU’s experience, attention to detail, excellent contacts and resources help make your practice goals achievable. We aim to provide you with the smoothest transition possible allowing you to focus your efforts on patient care while still managing control of your practice.

The Practice Manager of your turn key operation is at your service! As a liaison to the several vendors, brokers, real estate agents, and essential contacts necessary to launch a new practice, your Practice Manager aids in facilitating the entire operation to convenience you. We demand that your expectations be met. In working with many complex budgets and pro-formas, your Practice Manager understands how important it is to develop ways to keep costs at a minimum, while maximizing opportunities for quality products and growth.

Our expertise in healthcare technology and the operation of medical practices enables us to implement and support applications that capture both clinical and operational data and use that data to improve performance. Armed with the information necessary to make educated choices, we follow over a 100 check point system in opening a medical practice. When it comes to enhanced workflow and training, physicians can’t afford to miss a thing.





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Questions to ask
before choosing a
    • How long they have been in business?
    • Are they locally owned and operated?
    • Ask if owners are involved in daily operations
    • Ask them about their safeguards from loss of revenue
    • Ask them about their Professional on-going training
    • Ask them about their onsite industry I.T. support
    • Ask them about custom financial reporting and profitability
    • Ask them about their specialty specific training of their billers
    • Ask them about their Certified Coding Audit Support
    • How do they plan to streamline your billing?
    • What is their employee retention rate?
    • Ask them about their Client Care Department
    • Ask them about their Accountability Clause
    • What are their success stories?
    • How many years of experience does the biller have?
    • How will my biller help me increase my revenue?
    • What is the specialty specific training my biller has received?
    • How can my biller manage daily tasks, denials and follow-ups?
    • How can the biller help with the growth of my practice?
    • Ask them about their experience with data analysis and custom financial reporting
    • How am I going to respond to I.T. issues? What can my biller do to minimize downtime?
    • Who is going to be accountable for loss of revenue?
    • How do they plan to streamline my billing process?
    • How does my biller guarantee uninterrupted revenue cycle?
    • How much time will I invest managing the billing?
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